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Area Residents Oppose State Budget Plan that Increases Inequality

Syracuse Residents Speak Out to Amplify Direct Action in Albany

 Syracuse, NY – As hundreds of New Yorkers are gathering in Albany today to protest the continued inequality in our state and only exacerbated by Governor Cuomo’s budget and the Legislature’s budget proposals, Syracuse area residents are adding their voices to the effort. We Are New York, a coalition of local community and labor groups, added strong objections to aspects of the budget proposals that perpetuate inequality in New York.  Some of those objections have been documented in a video you can view here: http://youtu.be/Ywh0t2Csy4o

The executive and legislative budget proposals released all continue to underfund New York’s education system. Here in Syracuse, schools are not able to provide programs and educational experiences that every child deserves. The rising cost of attending community colleges and universities has resulted in students burdened with enormous debt.

At the same time, the budget proposals provide huge tax breaks for big banks, millionaires and billionaires. Cities like Syracuse struggle to keep up with crumbling infrastructure like potholes and bursting pipes.

The We Are New York coalition is calling for a budget that decreases the inequality that is hurting our community. We need funding for schools, to protect the environment, to rebuild our infrastructure, and to provide affordable housing.

“It is shameful that the Syracuse School District can’t provide an equal and quality education for all our children. We desperately need state funding for the reconstruction of deteriorating school buildings, to support the District’s “Great Expectations Mission,” and to fill the huge budget gap between what the school district has and what is required to prevent even more serious educational problems,” said Lekia Hill, Lead Organizer for Citizen Action of New York.

“Inequality for All”

Inequality-for-all-webSpecial FREE Screening of the Documentary Film by Robert Reich “Inequality For All”

May 1st at 7:00 pm at
The Palace Theatre 2384 James Street

 Followed by a panel discussion. The gap between the rich and the rest of us continues to grow. Find out what you can do!

Free admission.  Find out what you can do.  RSVP through our Facebook event:

Flyer PDF link here:

We Are NY and other sponsors will host a screening of “Inequality for all”.

We are looking for additional co-sponsors and donations to be able to do this event.

If you would like to co-sponsor the film please contact: Wendy Colucci, ALF Field Coordinator at 315-422-3363 or wendy@cnylabor.org

Current sponsors include:

We Are New York
CNY Alliance for Retired Americans
CSEA, Central Region 5
1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East
SEIU Local 200United
Central NY Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
UNITE HERE, Local 150
Citizen Action NY
Greater Syracuse Labor Council, AFL-CIO
Labor Council for Latin American Advancement
Democracy Matters
Sierra Club
United Steel Workers
Workers Center of CNY
ArtRage Gallery


A documentary by Robert Reich on income inequality and our shrinking middle class and how this has affected America’s economy and democracy.

Economic imbalances are now at near historically unprecedented levels.  In fact, the two years of widest economic inequality of the last century were

1928 and 2007 – the two years just before the greatest economic crashes of modern times.

What is the link between high inequality and economic crashes? What happened to the Middle Class? As Americans, we’ve been taught that there is a basic bargain at the heart of our society: work hard, play by the rules and you can make a better life for yourself. But over the last 35 years, this bargain has been broken.  Middle class incomes have stagnated or dropped over the same period during which the American economy has more than doubled.

The facts are clear – it went to the top earners.  In 1970 the top 1% of earners took home 9% of the nation’s income.  Today they take in approximately 23%.  The top 1% holds more than 35% of the nation’s overall wealth, while the bottom 50% controls a meager 2.5%.  The last time wealth was this concentrated was in 1928, on the eve of the Great Depression.

Join us on May 1st!

We Are New York Voter Registration Drive

On October 5th, We Are NY – which is the coalition building arm of the CNY Area Labor Federation – will be registering new voters. We are in need of volunteers who will go to the homes of unregistered union members and register them to vote. We will also reach out to non-union members as well. It is important that we reach out to voters to understand how important it is to vote in “off” election years.
If you are interested, please report:

On Saturday October 5th at 11 AM at the Onondaga Free Library 4840 W Seneca Turnpike in the Town of Onondaga.

We will then revisit these voters as we prepare for contacting our voters on Election Day.

Any questions can be directed to Wendy Colucci at 422-3363 or wendy@cnylabor.org.

Voter registration forms can be printed HERE from Onondaga County.


About Us

Our Mission:
We are New York is an alliance of individuals, unions, community groups and businesses working together to promote equality, understanding and respect for all. The alliance will work to secure economic and social justice through dialog, education and concerted community-based action.We support:

  • Job creation with fair, living-wages
  • Safe workplaces
  • Quality education
  • A clean, safe environment
  • Effective and affordable health care
  • Retirement with dignity
  • The value of the arts

We Are New York will promote these goals by educating our members, the public and elected officials about issues that impact Central New Yorkers’ lives and livelihoods. We will engage in non-partisan actions to persuade government representatives to respond with legislation that addresses our concerns. If communities are to thrive, they must first be heard. By working together we can ensure a meaningful and stable future for all New Yorkers.

Bring Jobs Home! New York Wants to Work!
We are New York members joined community leaders for a Bring Jobs Home Rally at the closed MK Candle Company in Syracuse, NY on Friday, July 6, 2012, to highlight the immediate actions elected leaders can take to create jobs in New York.